Research and Development

AI-Mediated Systems and Pharma-Infused Research

At the forefront of biotechnological innovation, our Research and Development (R&D) division is a beacon of progress in the longevity sector. We are revolutionizing the field with our ground-breaking approach, intertwining cutting-edge AI-mediated systems, pharma-grade research, and bioelectricity applications.,


Global Collaboration for Breakthroughs in Longevity

Our methodology is global and collaborative, harnessing the intellect of our Mage Advisory Board’s preeminent clinicians and scholars. This international consortium is the bedrock of our R&D, pinpointing industry gaps and pioneering solutions that redefine longevity science.


Field Problem Detection with Bioelectrical Insights

Initiating with Field Problem Detection, our strategy is proactive and insightful. By incorporating bioelectricity concepts, we delve into the heart of industry challenges. Insights from our Advisory Board, enriched by their affiliation with the esteemed London Regenerative Institute (LRI), direct our research trajectory.


Project Development: AI and Pharma Synergy

The insights from Field Problem Detection catalyze our Project Development phase. Here, AI-mediated analyses synergize with pharma expertise to hypothesize revolutionary solutions. Our commitment is to engineer breakthroughs that are set to transform longevity science.


Rigorous Testing: Pharma-Grade Precision

Our hypotheses undergo stringent validation, merging pharma-grade precision with collaborative expertise. This phase is crucial, assuring the efficacy and safety of our innovations. Our synergy with field experts ensures refinement and compliance with the highest standards.


Scaling Up: Global Pharma and Longevity Impact

Post-validation, we embark on Scaling Up. This phase is pivotal for the global adoption of our innovations, ensuring a meaningful impact on the longevity industry. Our solutions, born from intensive collaboration and testing, are ready for worldwide implementation.


Bifurcated R&D: Immediate and Future-Oriented Solutions

Our R&D is dual-pathed, addressing both current and future industry needs:

  1. Immediate Solutions: Focused on contemporary challenges, this path develops ready-to-deploy, safe, and effective longevity solutions, integrating AI and pharma insights for immediate impact.

  2. Long-Term Research: Dedicated to futuristic exploration, this avenue delves into advanced gene therapies, CRISPR-Cas9 exosome targeted therapies, and bioelectricity-enhanced AI-mediated systems. Our pursuit of novel pharma-grade personalized treatments underscores our commitment to pioneering uncharted territories in longevity science.