Our Leadership

Welcome to the nucleus of ingenuity at Mage Group, where our relentless pursuit of excellence in biotechnology research and production is led by a team of seasoned visionaries. Our Leadership section introduces the driving force behind our groundbreaking advancements, each member handpicked for their unwavering commitment to scientific innovation and strategic leadership.

Meet the architects of our success, where a collective wealth of experience converges with a passion for pushing the boundaries of biotechnology. From research and development to production and strategic planning, our leaders bring a diverse range of expertise to the table, fostering an environment where cutting-edge ideas flourish.

As we navigate the frontiers of scientific discovery, our leadership team serves as the compass, guiding us towards groundbreaking solutions and ensuring that our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. Get to know the individuals shaping the future of biotechnology at Mage Biotechnologies, where leadership isn’t just a title—it’s a commitment to pioneering a healthier, more sustainable world through innovation and collaboration.

Shareholders & Medical Board

Dr. Tunc Tiryaki
Employing cutting edge techniques
to enhance and refine, delivering
natural results without visible scars

Patents for his innovative techniques
in regenerative and plastic surgery

International publications regenerative facelifts and
and a medical textbook on inverse abdominoplasty
Dr. Steven R. Cohen
Innovations including the
invention of injectable tissue
replacement and regenerative
facial fat grafting

Patents on various widely used
regenerative medicine devices

Over 170 publications and has
completely three textbooks
Dr. Benjamin Ascher
Section Editor of the Aesthetic
Plastic Surgery Journal and
Member of the Editorial Board
for the Journal of Cosmetic
and Laser Therapy

Author of 150 original
articles and books published
in reference journals and
review articles
Dr. Diane Duncan
Published frequently in peer-
reviewed journals, books and
video formats

On the editorial board of the
Aesthetic Surgery Journal and
reviews for LMS and JCD
Dr. Sahar Ghannam
World expert on chemical
peels especially in ethnic skin

Wrote the chapter on “chemical
peels” in the Derm Surgery
textbook among many other

Reviewer of Derm-Surgery
Journals, the Aesthetic Derm
Journal and the Indian Journal
of Dermatology
Part of various research projects
and clinical work with a focus on
adipose derived stem cells, fat
grafting and regenerative
treatments for face and body

Section Editor of the
international journal ‘Aesthetic
Plastic Surgery’ for fat grafting
and stem cell treatments
Dr. Aris Sterodimas
Author of scientific papers,
textbooks and teaching videos
for plastic surgeons covering
many topics including his
top-notch techniques in the
field of aesthetic plastic surgery
Ofer Pasternak PhD
Associate Professor in
Psychiatry, Assistant Professor
in Radiology, Harvard Medical

Part of various research
projects and clinical work with
a focus on Neuroscience,
Neuroimaging, Mathematical
Modeling, MRI, Diffusion MRI

Executive Management

Mutlu Erturan
Burak Sezer
Chief Finance, Strategy & Investor Relations Officer
Serli Canikyan
Chief Scientic Officer
Caner Ağaoglu
Chief Operations
Zeynep Yalim Uzun
Chief Marketing Officer
Ebru Tontu
Head of UK Operations and Strategic Partnerships
Onur Erdogan
CEO, Recure Biotechnology and Cosmetics
Cihan Gunay
Chief Sales Officer
Şebnem Ünlüişler
Chief Longevity Officer
Melis Del Rey
Nazli Uyanik
Marketing Director
Eda Pelin Aksu
Marketing Director
Deniz Karagöz
Sales Director
Derya Hanım Çakır
Marketing Director