About Us

Over the past two centuries, global average life expectancy has surged from 35 to 76 years, thanks to advancements in basic healthcare


The average healthspan – the period of life lived free from disease – remains at a mere 64 years. This discrepancy places a staggering annual strain on global economies, healthcare infrastructures, and societies, amounting to an estimated 50 trillion USD.
Even more concerning is that the maximum human lifespan has seen little to no improvement, despite relentless exploration in longevity science.
Mage Biotechnologies is a clinical-stage Biotechnology Ecosystem founded to address this problem.
We are developing off-the-shelf intelligent treatment modalities including autologous stem cells, autologous, xenogeneic and synthetic exosome treatments targeting indications across aging, wound healing, soft tissue defects, reconstructive indications and degenerative diseases, as well as providing longevity related diagnostics, clinical services & treatments.